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I just comitted to run the 2016 London Marathon as part of RUN FOR AUTISM through OAR (Organization for Autism Research). I am doing this for a great cause affecting 1 in 68 children across the globe. 

I pledged to raise $5,000 for the OAR, here is where I am asking for all your support.

To show you my gratitude and dedication I have now embarked on a 6 months journey of sweat and pain to complete the Marathon in a time of 3 hours and 30 minutes, MAXIMUM!

This will be my first marathon so no need to say that it will be tough. For those of you who know me you can trust that I will not dissapoint you. I will run this Marathon under my set time even if I have to spend the following week being fed by drip...

Please consider a donation to this most wonderful cause. Every little bit helps. 

Working together, we will find the missing pieces of the Autism Puzzle! Visit: http://www.researchautism.org/ to learn more about the wonderful programs your donation is supporting. 

Did you know - 

  • Autism now affects 1 in 68 children 
  • Autism is the fastest growing serious developmental disability in the U.S.
  • Autism costs a family $60,000 a year on average
  • There is no medical detection or cure for autism

Families affected by autism continually have to fight for their children by searching for treatment and resources, educating themselves about this condition and spreading information to teachers, peers and other stakeholders. OAR (Organization for Autism Research)  takes over a piece of this burden for families. 83 cents of every dollar raised funds innovative research to help families find answers to their most urgent questions. 

OAR places much of its focus on research that benefits children and adults, their caregivers and educators.  In 2015, OAR awarded 10 research grants totaling $17,849. With these grants, OAR has awarded over $189,000 in research grants to 105 graduate researchers since 2004.  OAR also helps individuals with autism directly.  Last year, the group awarded 40 scholarships to students with autism pursuing post-secondary education opportunities. OAR is the only autism non-profit that focuses solely on applied research.

ABOUT 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon

Funds raised by the RUN FOR AUTISM--2016 London Marathon team will support the Organization for Autism Research (OAR). OAR funds research and programs that help parents, families, and educators in the autism community on a daily basis.  To learn more, visit www.researchautism.org.

I hope I can count on you to support my marathon run by contributing to OAR!

Name Date Amount Comments
Westlake Chemical Corportation - Albert Chao 05/20/2016 $1,620.00  
John Salmons 04/23/2016 $30.00 Good luck! Try not to get lost!
Seif El Attal 04/21/2016 $25.00 Good luck, Harold!
Ed Wardle 04/20/2016 $50.00  
Thomas Sargeant 04/19/2016 $30.00 Good luck mate! Go well! Tom
Eliza Chubb 04/19/2016 $175.00 Go go go !
Arnaud Van Schevensteen 04/18/2016 $100.00 Run Forest, Run !
Gilles Van Schevensteen 04/18/2016 $100.00 Go on Bro
Chad Johnson 04/18/2016 $50.00 Run Harold Run!
Leo Jennings 04/18/2016 $40.00 I hope you'll be carrying the digital radio
ITC Rubis Terminal Antwerp NV 04/13/2016 $500.00  
Benny Perlberger 04/11/2016 $25.00  
Erik Nijhuis (Vopak Rotterdam) 03/22/2016 $300.00 Lot's of luck Harold and all our support for this great cause.
Andreas Mikkelsen 02/24/2016 $100.00  
Nathan Aldridge 01/28/2016 $50.00 I'm going to be waiting with doob at the end!
Eric De Lange (Inspectorate) 01/19/2016 $500.00 We wish you lots of good luck Harold with your run for autism!!!
Sophie Rose 11/29/2015 $40.00 Remember to rent a balcony at some point a long the race so I can wave you on ;)
Sophie Rose 11/29/2015 $30.00 Whoops. Didn't know it was in dollars.
Christine Van Hoecke 11/25/2015 $150.00  
Howard McDonald 11/17/2015 $30.00 You'll run as fast as Kenyans!
William Chubb 11/16/2015 $75.00 Good luck!
Veronica Bulka Castillo 11/16/2015 $20.00 En tiempos turbios, gracias por ser el ejemplo y demostrar que la solidaridad y amor SI existen! Thanks for all you do, Vero.
Serra Kucukoglu 11/13/2015 $100.00 So happy to see you running a marathon for such a noble cause. You have my full support. A big kiss will be waiting for you at the finish line :)
Rooty Babooty 11/13/2015 $20.00  
Bradley Chehab 11/11/2015 $150.00 Kill it!
Aly ElAttal 11/11/2015 $50.00 make papa proud
Anonymous Friend 11/10/2015 $30.00 Keep going Harold! 6 months training and completing sub 3:30 - neither will be easy!
Winston Preece 11/10/2015 $10.00 Having competed with you before, I know you will destroy that 3.30 time Harold. Great cause as well. Go well!
Vicki Bordewich 11/10/2015 $50.00 What a wonderful cause and £50 bonus if you make under 3 hours 30 Great challenge, love Vicki and Nikko
Maarten Van Ess 11/09/2015 $50.00 Please please please just beat Jose
Emily Garnett 11/09/2015 $30.00 Great cause! very proud of you, I would be incapable of ever running a marathon!
Emily Garnett 11/09/2015 $20.00  
Nina Martinez 11/09/2015 $10.00 Well done for doing this Harold!
Phoebe Hugh 11/09/2015 $15.00 Good luck! Really good cause x
Adham ROBIN 11/09/2015 $30.00  
Harold Van Schevensteen 11/09/2015 $200.00  
Karoline Skippervold 11/09/2015 $30.00 So so proud of you!!
Margaux Lunt 11/09/2015 $30.00 Super idée!
Michael Loeffel 11/09/2015 $50.00 G'Luck!!!
Alexandra Laliberte 11/09/2015 $35.00  
Guy Demetriadi 11/05/2015 $50.00 I might need you to carry me the last few miles! Good luck!!
  Total $5,000.00