This December the Organization for Autism Research (OAR) reaches a great milestone as it turns 15 years old! OAR has achieved many amazing things over our history with your support, and 2016 has added to that legacy. Earlier this year, we officially launched Hire Autism, a jobs portal for adults with autism, and began its No. Virginia test run. Within the next month, we will launch a redesigned website that, thanks to its new, user-friendly format, will make the full array of OAR’s autism information and resources even more accessible. Visit to watch the video that will welcome visitors to the new site. We are so excited to give you this sneak peek before the official launch in mid-December!

    Thank you so much for your continued support. Your contribution this year will help with planning and final execution of a new resource guide currently in its infancy, further expansion of Hire Autism and, of course, funding a new round of research grants and scholarships. When you donate to OAR, you can do so with the confidence of donating to a Four Star Charity Navigator and a top-rated Great Nonprofits charity and the knowledge that $.87 cents of every dollar you give goes towards OAR’s core mission and programs.