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Organization for Autism Research
Randle Cook's Fundraising Page
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So as many of you know I love running and I love doing it for different charities so I can give back to the people who inspire me everyday; this year I decided to do the Rock 'n Roll full marathon and run for the Orgainiztion for Autism Research. The way I see it is that our society still has a stigma on autism, to where a lot of people's lack of understanding and knowledge about it can cause people to be fearful of it in some aspects. But the great thing that this orgainization does is provides research on what Autism is, and gives society with a better understanding on how we should shift our attitude for how we see autism, and treat the people who live with it.


Whatever you can give is much appreciated! I'll be posting once a week in case anyone forgets that I'm asking for donations. ;)

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