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Raising money for Autism research as part of my goal to run the London marathon.

London is a prestigious marathon - one of the 6 world marathon majors. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to get in as an American going through the lottery. So I have teamed up with OAR - the Organization for Autism Research. They have generously provided me access to the race, and in exchange I have agreed to pimp my friends and family by begging for donations. It does have the added benefit of being for a great cause, so please consider helping out.

Details on the charity can be found here:  https://researchautism.org/

If anyone would prefer to donate anonymously, please give me a call at 631-513-0481 and we can make arrangements.

Thanks to all!


ABOUT 2020 London
Name Date Amount Comments
David Robinson 05/28/2020 $243.00  
ADP 05/28/2020 $243.00  
Angela Lewis 03/03/2020 $25.00 Good luck Dave!! Looking forward to seeing you & Adrian in Paris after to celebrate your accomplishment!!
ADP 01/28/2020 $750.00  
Nancy Burrows 01/27/2020 $50.00 Wishing you the best of luck! Make sure to have some fun in London!
Michelle Schulman 01/02/2020 $100.00 Good luck Dave!
David Robinson 12/30/2019 $500.00  
ADP 12/30/2019 $500.00  
Aon Foundation 12/30/2019 $240.00  
Scott Robinson 12/27/2019 $200.00  
David Robinson 11/29/2019 $500.00  
Laurie Robinson 09/18/2019 $1,000.00  
Jean Coppelman 09/17/2019 $25.00 Run David Run!!
Dale Robinson 09/02/2019 $500.00 Wishing you best of luck with all our love & support. Glad to help a good cause. Mom & Dad
Daniel Gilhool 08/26/2019 $25.00  
Neal Salloway 08/20/2019 $50.00 Good luck, Dave.
Sean McLaughlin 08/15/2019 $240.00  
Daniel Ryan 08/15/2019 $50.00  
  Total $5,241.00  
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